The most important tasks of the dentist

Almost all of us think of the dentist when we have a tooth or a toothache, but their work goes far beyond fixing our oral health problems.

In fact, they carry out prevention work that is even more important. It should not be forgotten that the best cure for a disease is to prevent it, or at least catch it in its early stages.

Prevention of oral diseases

This is the fundamental work performed by any dentist. He is the one who should educate patients and teach them healthy oral care practices.

In addition, you need to make your customers aware of the importance of regular cleanings. They prevent many diseases, as plaque and tartar accumulation is not good for you.

At the same time, it should also emphasize that dental floss should always be used. If we do not pass the floss through the interdental spaces, brushing is not complete.

Accurate diagnostics and treatment planning

The dentist has to make an accurate diagnosis, always according to his experience and the oral conditions of his patients.

Fortunately, there are now technologies such as digital X-rays. Through them it is very easy and economical to get an idea of the state of the mouth.

X-rays show cavities, gum disease and other oral conditions very well. After analyzing them, the dentists get down to work and develop personalized strategies, since it should not be forgotten that the needs of each patient are different.

Caries treatment and dental restoration

After oral cleanings, the most common treatment in a dental clinic is caries treatment. It is done in both children and adults and is very simple, while preventing major problems.

Dental pieces are also restored and here endodontics is the queen. With it, the patient’s tooth can be preserved, pain is eliminated, the risk of infection is eliminated and the esthetics of the mouth is respected.

At Foramen we have some mouthwashes that help prevent it, intended for both adults and children.

Perform orthodontics

Another of the classic tasks of dentists has to do with orthodontics. In fact, as is the case with caries, it is very common in childhood. Now, many adults are also deciding to undergo it.

Most patients believe that this treatment is useful to have a straight smile and improve the aesthetics of the mouth. However, it goes much further by correcting dental alignment problems and malocclusions that prevent proper chewing.

Thus, with orthodontics, future jaw diseases and periodontal problems are prevented.

Oral surgery

There are professionals who specialize in oral surgery. Some of their tasks are well known, such as dental extractions, which are reserved for when nothing more can be done for that tooth or molar.

They also address other problems such as cysts or prepare the mouth with different techniques to place dental implants. This is not always easy, since some patients do not have the bones of the mouth in the best condition.

The surgery solves serious oral health problems, but also recovers the functionality of the mouth and its esthetics, which is important for the patient to have a better self-esteem.

Treat gum health

We are all familiar with gingivitis, one of the most common mouth diseases along with cavities. In fact, sometimes our gums bleed when we brush our teeth and when we look for information we find this pathology.

It is not to be taken as a joke, since after its initial stage it passes to the more advanced stage called periodontitis. If left untreated, what happens in the end is that we lose our teeth.

These professionals can prevent it by performing scaling, root planing and periodontal surgery. In addition, they offer us guidance in order to have healthy gums for as long as possible.

They deal with emergencies such as dental trauma.

Dental traumas are numerous in the case of children, which is a problem when they already have permanent teeth.

In adults they occur less frequently, but with the generalization of sports practice they suffer more and more, so dentists are responsible for doing everything possible to ensure that the affected teeth are not lost.

Their work here has to do with fixing fractured teeth or carrying out the same work on those teeth that move after a blow.

In addition, they also manage bleeding and remedy the pain that occurs in the mouth after it suffers a good blow.

With its intervention, long-term complications are avoided, such as infections, teeth falling out, teeth moving and getting into a bad position, etc.


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